House and Estate Cleanout

You are left with property and don’t know where to start.


House Cleanout

We can assist with emptying, sorting, cataloging and cleaning all the contents of a house, as well as the house itself. Our team has helped families with everything from simple estate cleanups to clearing out some of the most extreme hoarder houses in the country. Pat is an industry expert on extreme cleaning. Our teams are trained to handle anything from sorting through the guest room closet to tackling Grandpa’s dreaded garage. If you or someone close to you needs assistance, please give us a call to discuss options.

Estate Settlement

Choosing who gets which item in an estate settlement is never easy. Our team works in the home, alongside family members, to minimize the emotion of sorting assets. We use a proven system that fairly divides up the assets, and we’ll pack up and deliver or ship any items that are saved by each family member. All unwanted items will be donated or sold at estate sale or auction based on the family’s wishes.

Estate Sales

A family may need to sell a house’s contents in order to settle an estate. Selling assets can also raise funds required to do repairs or prep a home for sale. Often it just makes good sense to sell unwanted items to maximize the estate value. Flynn Realty Associates has developed trusted partnerships around the world to assess value and help sell assets. From a smaller local estate sale to a global online market, Flynn Realty Associates works with a premier network of antique and specialty item dealers and marketers, and we can assist you in earning the maximum value for your items. We can provide a full inventory for appraisers, executors, probate or the estate attorney.