Guidance for a Large Investment

We had the pleasure of working with Kevin during our search for a new home in Northern Virginia. Kevin was extremely knowledgeable about NOVA as a whole, not just specific, smaller, sections which was a great help to us since we hadn’t narrowed down which city we wanted to be in at in the beginning. We looked everywhere from Arlington out to Clifton and Herndon before settling on a house in Fairfax City. He has experience and knowledge of home building and renovation which was helpful when walking through homes varying in how well they were maintained and in age. He was good about not interjecting his personal opinion of a home or neighborhood while still providing guidance for our large investment in the right house, neighborhood, area for our family and return on investment in the future. If he thought we could do better he told us and if a house was a good home for the area he let us know. That’s a hard balance to strike with a client but he did an excellent job. Kevin did a lot of research on our behalf during the purchase of our new home (got documents from the city etc etc). Any info we needed or questions we needed answer were met with a kind willingness to get answers, no matter how small the question. His easy going personality was a good fit for our family. We looked at many homes and he was willing to meet us whenever we wanted, even multiples times for the same home. When it came down to negotiating he did an excellent job of standing up and representing our needs. Kevin is a true professional and we appreciated his dedicated service before, during and after the purchase of our dream home. We certainly would highly recommend him to others!