Much needed services can be costly.

Paying someone to empty and prepare a house for sale, hiring an attorney, moving, making a deposit on a new living space and securing senior services are expenses that not everyone can cover up front. We realize that many of today’s seniors, and their heirs, are asset rich and cash poor, with little money in the bank to pay for much-needed transitional services.

In many cases we can finance these important services and more as part of the sale of the house or other assets. We have worked with individuals and professionals on a wide range of bridge financing situations. We do what it takes to support families in a critical time of need.

Bridge Financing For Individuals

We may be able to clean out and sell your property at no up-front costs to your family. Even if you have little or no savings, you may have sufficient home equity or a significant collection of items with enough value for us to extend financing. Call today for a free consultation.